AVI Repair Tool

Are you dealing with any of these or other mentioned AVI file issues?
  • Unable to play AVI files in WMP, VLC player
  • Getting error messages while opening files
  • Neither sound is audible nor the videos are visible
  • Vertical lines, no color with files
  • Facing problem opening files

If "Yes" then your video file might have damaged or corrupt due to any reasons and in order to view the contents stored in it you have to repair it. So just go for AVI file repair tool which will effectively repair your inaccessible damaged media file and then you will be able to enjoy your favorite audio/video file again with no glitches.

broken avi file repair

About AVI File Format

AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave and have (.avi) extension, it’s being developed by Microsoft in 1992 and then it becomes a very wide spread that lots of people consider it de fecto standard for storing audio and video information on PC.

it combines Video and Audio in a single file in a standard container to allow simultaneous playback. The advantage of this file is it’s simple architecture, runs on a number of different systems like Linux, Windows, Mac’s, Unix and also is supported by almost well known Web-browsers. It is one of the oldest video formats. Since the day of AVI developed there have emerged numerous of AVI codec’s generated by both individuals and vendors. And now there are more than hundred of this video files which looks like similar but they are completely different from inside. This video file supports multiple streaming video and audio like the DVD video format, although these features are rarely used. This file type is mostly associated with Audio Video Interleave file. Recent files might be compressed with one or another codecs such as XviD and DivX. You can also watch this file in MPlayer, VLC Player, KM Player and others.

How AVI files corrupt and what are the reasons behind it?

A very common problem with this file is it corrupts quite often in difficult situations. Once it gets corrupt you could not access the data contained in it i.e. you won’t be able to play the AVI file. It might be really very annoying. There are many reasons of this video file corruption, but the most common reason of corruption is malware or virus attack on your operating system. If you do not have any antivirus installed on your system then these viruses can cause damage to the files. Infection like Trojan, recyclers that infect the file and cause corruption. Some reasons for AVI file corruption mentioned underneath.

  • Bad Sectors - it is a damaged part of your storage device from where you won’t be able to access the files which was saved on it before damage. Damage may cause corruption to this video files resided on the drive and you could not access your file.
  • Codec issues - actually it is the supporting program which is helpful in playing your video and audio files. Different codec used to support different audio files and video files. To play audio and video files in media player it should have the corresponding codec which supports it’s playing. So in the same logic this files also needs supporting codec to be played. If these codec get corrupt then it become unplayable.
  • Improper shutdown - Including AVI files you used to store large amount of files in your computer. During system halt state or deadlock state you are forced to shut down your PC. So if incase during system shut down if you are playing a AVI files then this action can affect the files and cause corruption.

How to repair damaged/corrupt AVI file?

Once it corrupts repairing is the only way to access and restore the file. Well, you can easily perform this operation with the help of AVI repair tool. The software has been built to repair unplayable avi, divx and xvid file formats. When the file corrupts or damaged due to various reasons then it becomes unplayable. The application has built powerful algorithms to splice and de-mux broken parts of a damaged file and transforms a variable display into a seamless presentation. Therefore, AVI repair tool repairs video rendered useless can be converted into useful files.

Features of AVI File Repair Tool

  • Fixed avi files can be played both on Windows and Mac operating system.
  • Repairs and adjoins audio and video data stream side by side.
  • Repairs corrupt, damaged avi, xvid and divx file formats that do not play smoothly or do not play at all.
  • Supports devices like Hard Disk Drives, Memory Cards, USBs etc.
  • Comes with a demo version which repairs corrupted file and provides a preview of the repaired file. This enables one to evaluate the trial version before purchasing the software.